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Workshops and educational training.

When hard times happen, it impacts all aspects of our lives, including at work, school and in our communities.

Whether you’re coping with loss, supporting someone who is, or simply want to learn, our workshops offer engaging, uplifting and insightful training on grief, mental wellbeing, self-care and resilience.

We offer workshops and webinars for teams both online or in person, using science-based tools and strategies to create a supportive work environment.

We can also develop training videos and courses to be used internally by your teams.

Our focus is to take what can be deemed as a complex and clinical topic and make it engaging, warm, conversational, and relatable.

Sal and Im delivered a raw, intimate and moving conversation about grief support for Iconic employees. Together, they brought light to a topic often left unexplored, but absolutely needs acknowledgment. Their personal stories and advice were so authentic, engaging and touching, there was a mix of tears, smiles and laughs from the audience. We wholeheartedly recommend Sal and Im to anyone seeking impactful discussions on grief and loss.