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Changing the way we think and talk about loss.

Good Mourning is the straight-talking top podcast, community, book and movement making life after loss a little easier.

We’re Sal and Im, co-founders of Good Mourning. Our mission is to help you cope with loss, change, and adversity. 

When unexpected changes happen, they can be confusing, isolating, and lonely. Things like a death, a health diagnosis, or a relationship breakdown can turn our world upside down, and we can’t always control when it happens. But we can move through loss with resilience, connection, and support. 

Our mission is to guide you through the hard times with honesty and humour and show you that you can grow through what you go through (sorry for the cliche, but it’s true).  

We understand how life can abruptly change its course, having experienced the sudden loss of our mums. In our quest for relatable resources, a chance encounter brought us together, where we found solace in our shared experiences of loss (and our mutual love for leopard print). 

The hardest thing in our lives was the catalyst for a massive journey of friendship, self-discovery, and connection. And so Good Mourning was born from our desire to help others, too. We decided to create the kind of support we wish we’d had: candid, fun and non-clinical conversations about life and loss. 

Our goal is to empower and support individuals through the pillars of resilience, community, and connection when life takes an unexpected turn.

We’ve fostered a global community that is not just supportive but inclusive. Our Good Mourning members have used words like “relatable,” “honest,” “hopeful,” “supportive,” “warm,” and – our personal favourite – ” absofuckinglutelyfabulous” to describe us. 

No matter your situation, you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help you move forward with hope, friendship and resilience.

Passionate change-makers.

– Women's Health Australia

How we help

Good Mourning is a global online community, chart-topping podcast, series of online and in-person events, and a book that’s on a mission to help you feel less alone.

We help individuals, communities, and organisations with the following:

Listen to our podcast

Transformational conversations that inspire. Good Mourning is a grief support group-in-a-podcast that covers everything from grief and loss, trauma and mental health to spirituality and self-development.

Buy our book

A grief book that’s been called ‘uplifting’ by readers, Good Mourning: Honest Conversations About Grief and Loss is the compassionate grief survival guide for anyone who’s been rocked by loss.

Attend our events

Immerse yourself in our expert-led, transformative and exclusive live events and workshops designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to cultivate hope and happiness after loss.

Work with us

Keynote Speaking

Looking for engaging speakers to elevate your event? Look no further. We blend authenticity and expertise to create an interactive and engaging experience that inspires, empowers, and educates.

Workshops and Training

We deliver engaging educational training and workshops for businesses, schools and communities. We’re available for events in person and online.

Brand Partnerships

Got a brand campaign or initiative? We work with brands and organisations on partnerships and marketing campaigns that help bring your cause to life through our unique lens.

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Good Mourning is helping over one hundred thousand readers and listeners worldwide

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