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UP CLOSE & GRIEFY: Managing milestones

We are super excited to bring you a new little podcast format today…just the two of us having a good old griefy chat and a laugh.

Once a month we’ll be bringing you an up close chat where we deep drive into different elements of grief. In this episode we chat about grief and milestones, and our experience navigating the big days, how we cope and things you might like to do if you’ve got a milestone coming up.

We also talk about what to do with your loved ones ashes, and why it’s totally fine to take your time in scattering them.

Also…can you guess which one of us went to court over a parking fine this week, and which one ate half a giant block of Toblerone for breakfast?! Grab a wine and tune in to find out. 


Instagram: @goodmourningpodcast

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