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UP CLOSE & GRIEFY: Coping with grief and guilt aka "gruilt"

In this episode, we talk about a big component of grief that isn’t often talked about, and this is guilt.

Join us as we deep dive into our own personal experiences with grief and guilt and how it has manifested for us. 

We also put a shout out to our community on Instagram to submit your questions, experiences and tips around the topic. We had a massive response. We share your tips, stories and answer your questions on the podcast, so be sure to tune in!

It seems that guilt is something lots of you are experiencing, so we are really hoping that by covering this topic, you find it helpful.⁠

Just to say, if you are suffering from feelings of worry and guilt and it is impacting your day-to-day, we do recommend seeking some professional help. It has helped us both massively in our personal lives. 


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