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Unexpectedly Orphaned with Rebecca Soffer

In this episode, we interview Rebecca Soffer, the Co-Founder and CEO of Modern Loss and Co-Author of Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. 

When Rebecca was 30 years old, her mum Shelby, died in a tragic car accident one hour after dropping Rebecca home from a family camping trip. Four years later, her dad died from a sudden heart attack while on a cruise to the Bahamas, leaving Rebecca orphaned at the age of 34 and feeling “untethered from any foundation”. 

Rebecca talks candidly about having to make the choice to live her life as richly as she could, despite being thrown into the depths of grief. She used her experience and her struggle to find resources that weren’t too clinical, to go on and create Modern Loss.

She also shares the importance of seeing the humour in the dark times, which is something that we both feel passionate about. Oh, and why we need to all stop saying ‘passed away’ and start saying ‘died’.

Prepare to be educated and inspired by this incredible woman.

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