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Turning Pain into Pride with Elle Quintal

In our last episode of 2020 we talk to someone very special: Elle Quintal…aka Imogen’s bestie! Not only has Elle been a huge part of Imogen’s life and an amazing support especially during her grieving, but she also has an incredible story. So it felt only right that we get her on to share it with you all.

Elle has known grief most of her life. She has been faced with adversity since a young age and is a living testament of turning your pain into pride. 

Elle’s Dad, aka Bobby P, died in 2017 after a long battle with his health after he had a workplace accident when Elle was only 12 years old. She shares her story on what it’s been like having to grow up very quickly while caring for a sick parent and also dealing with the absence of her mother from a young age.

Elle also shares some amazing insights into dealing with a parent’s substance abuse and coping strategies to keep yourself grounded through uncertain times, and how to let hardships become a bright source of light in the world for others to turn to in times of darkness.

She’s a wise and wonderful human and there are so many inspiring nuggets of wisdom we hope you’ll take away from this enlightening and heartfelt conversation.


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