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Trauma and Spiritual Healing with Rebecca Jax

This week we are joined by Rebecca Jax to talk about sibling loss, and the importance of releasing trauma that is trapped in your body. 

Rebecca shares her story of losing her younger brother, Jack to suicide, and how this experience was a huge catalyst for her healing journey. We talk about how to navigate sibling loss and why it can sometimes be a lesser acknowledged form of grief. 

She shares how she had to hit rock bottom and take herself to the depths of what Jack felt, and how from there left everything behind to spend years on a spiritual journey, learning about somatic healing and how to heal the spirit, mind and body. Today, Rebecca is a trauma informed grief and suicide loss mentor, guiding suicide loss survivors through their healing journey using holistic healing art forms and spiritual principles.

What is fascinating about Rebecca and this conversation is how she has used her experience not only to help others, but to help heal herself. She shares how we can release trauma that becomes trapped in our bodies after a loss, how to connect with our loved ones spiritually and energetically and how to ask for signs.

Whether you are experiencing sibling or suicide loss, or are simply interested in learning how to heal your body from trauma, this conversation will educate and inspire you.

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Connect with Rebecca on Instagram: @rebeccajaxholistichealing, or join her private Facebook group here.

Find out more about Rebecca here or her courses and workshops here.

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