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The Long Goodbye with Alicia Gardiner

We sit down with actor, singer and all round legend, Alicia Gardiner, who shares her story of watching her mum, Pam, decline from early onset Alzhiemer’s disease and the anticipatory grief that comes with “the long goodbye”.

Alicia shares how she came to terms with her mum’s decline over the years, choosing to go with the journey of her mum’s disease rather than fight it. We talk about how letting go and finding humour in the darkest moments can be a saving grace in situations beyond your control.

She bravely opens up about how although it took some time, she now feels a closeness to her mum that she didn’t think was possible, and how she feels her mum is guiding her from above.

Prepare to laugh, cry and be truly inspired by this warm, funny and courageous woman. 

Oh, and be sure to have a Magnum ice cream for Pam.

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