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The Key to Living with Loss? It’s All About Balance with Mary Hoang

Today’s fascinating conversation on finding balance in grief is with Mary Hoang, Founder and Head Psychologist at The Indigo Project, an online psychology practice that thinks creatively about mental health. 

She is also the author of Darkness is Golden, a book that explores the painful parts of our lives that we tend to gloss over, like grief and trauma.

Mary shares so many profound nuggets of wisdom throughout this conversation. A key message from this episode is how important it is to take a break from grief and not let your loss define you. She shares why it’s key to find balance, which isn’t always easy, but something we need to do when processing loss.

Mary shares her perspective on how to cope with numbing distractions that might be holding up our healing. We discuss the two-factor model of grief that many of us can identify with, which is either distracting ourselves from grief or leaning into grief too much. We also explore why a loss might bring up other unmet grief and the psychology around why we don’t easily allow ourselves to feel joy when we are grieving. 

We had a big “A-HA” moment around this, so make sure you tune in all the way through, there are some wonderful insights in this conversation.

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