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The Devastating Impact of Covid-19 with Annie Horton

In this eye-opening episode, we interview Annie Horton, who is the sister-in-law of Broadway star and Tony Award-nominated actor, Nick Cordero. Nick died after an almost 100-day battle with Covid-19. He was only 41 years old.

Nick was a fit and healthy man, with no pre-existing medical conditions. Annie explains the harrowing reality of what it is like to witness a loved one fight for their life, and the devastating impact that coronavirus has had on her family.

We also discuss what it is like to grieve the loss of someone that is in the public eye, and how media speculation, sensationalism and unsolicited comments from online trolls, can be extremely difficult for family members to cope with.

Annie is unfortunately no stranger to grief. Over the past five years she has had to deal with multiple losses. Annie’s father Carl, died of a sudden heart attack, when he was away on a business trip. Annie fell pregnant shortly after the death of her dad and struggled with juggling grief and motherhood. 

Annie’s grief manifested in health anxieties, which were starting to become debilitating for her. She talks us through how she had to work really hard to regain control of her life, as a result.

This conversation is important, educational and a must listen for anyone who hasn’t been directly affected by the devastating impacts of Covid-19.


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