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Raising Four Boys Through Grief with Leigh Van Der Horst

In this episode, we chat to Leigh Van Der Horst, author of the book Without My Mum.

In this candid interview, Leigh shares her story of coping with her mum Joanne’s long battle with cancer, and the ups and downs she faced. She tells us how she dealt with losing her mum at the age of 32 and how her grief led to her rediscovering and redefining her own identity.

Leigh, who has four boys, explains how she approached the topic of death with her young children in the wake of her mum’s passing, and how she navigates motherhood without her mum. She also shares the inspiration behind her book Without My Mum and why she believes there is a real sisterhood amongst motherless mothers. 


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You can buy Leigh’s book Without my Mum here:

Book: The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

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