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Purpose From Pain with Lauren Brant

We are joined by TV presenter and actress, Lauren Brant Hall, who shares how her sister-in-law, Sandy’s cancer diagnosis and recent passing have reshaped her life’s purpose. 

We talk about what it looks like when you’re supporting a family member facing the end of their life. Lauren tells us how she made it her mission to give Sandy the best mental and spiritual support in her last month of life and what that looked like, including a surprise marriage proposal and impromptu wedding.

We talk about all things signs and how Lauren connects with Sandy spiritually. We share tips on how to ask friends and your community for support – something that isn’t always easy to do when you’re grieving. We also discuss the importance of having a “grief sesh” and how to process all the feelings that come with a loss.

Sandra’s dying request was to spread awareness of both what a gift life is and raise awareness of testing for bowel cancer, something that Lauren is doing beautifully.

Be prepared to be moved and inspired by this enlightening conversation.

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