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Growing Up Without a Mum with Stu Henshall

In this episode we talk to Stu Henshall, friend of the podcast and all round funny guy, about his experience of losing his mum Pauline, to cervical cancer when he was nine years old.

Stu talks about what it was like to navigate his grief as a young child and during the 26 years since, and how he coped with his sexuality and coming out, without his mum there for support. He shares how he has coped with the festive season over the years – which can be tough when you’re grieving – and how to support a bereaved child around Christmas time.

We also discuss how intergenerational trauma from grief and loss can impact families for generations and what it has been like for Stu trying to break that cycle. 

Oh, and why every festive season needs a bottle of gin and a Kylie Minogue soundtrack!


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