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Grieving someone who is still alive with Kelly Terranova

Today we are talking with the ever-inspiring Kelly Terranova. Kelly’s mum, Jenny, has Huntington’s Disease, which is an incurable degenerative neurological disease that is hereditary.

Nothing is off-limits in this chat as we discuss Kelly’s experience with anticipatory grief – a topic that we know has impacted a lot of our listeners but isn’t as widely discussed. It occurs before death is common among people who are facing the eventual death of a loved one, or their own end of life.

It’s an incredibly difficult thing to watch someone you love slowly decline in health – something that Kelly is very open about sharing. 

In this candid conversation, Kelly is incredibly open about the realities of anticipatory grief and seeing her mum decline in health and change over time. She shares how she struggled to come to terms with her mum’s diagnosis, how she put off getting tested, and how she had to hit rock bottom to rebuild her life. She also share some tips and advice for those supporting someone caring for a loved one.

For anyone who is experiencing anticipatory grief, this conversation is for you.

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