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Grief is a Sneaky B*tch with Rebecca Soffer

In today’s conversation, we are joined by author, co-founder of Modern Loss, and all-around “grief veteran”, Rebecca Soffer. As witty as she is wise, she knows a thing or two about grief – by the time she was 34, both of Rebecca’s parents had died a few years apart. We talk about how grief is a sneaky b*tch, and to manage the fear and anxiety that can manifest when it creeps up on you, especially when multiple people die within a short space of time. 

We also cover:

  • Cumulative grief 
  • How to cope with feeling guilty if you miss one person more than another at times
  • The mind-body connection and trauma healing
  • The physical exhaustion of grief
  • How to take care of yourself in grief
  • Coping with digital grief triggers
  • Ways to continue the bond

We hope you enjoy this honest and funny conversation as much as we did.


  • Buy Rebecca’s new book The Modern Loss Handbook: An Interactive Guide to Moving Through Grief and Building Your Resilience here
  • Find out more about Modern Loss here

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