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Grief After Miscarriage with Tahyna MacManus

Today we are talking with director and producer, Tahyna MacManus, about her experience of having multiple miscarriages and the grief that comes with early pregnancy loss. 

Even though 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, this type of loss can feel like a taboo to talk openly about. After experiencing her first miscarriage in 2017, Tahyna began filming her feature documentary Misunderstandings Of Miscarriage (MuM), which documents her personal journey to understand the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts of miscarriage. 


In this deeply personal conversation, we discuss the disenfranchised grief associated with baby loss and how society doesn’t always acknowledge it – even though it is something that many women experience. We talk about how Tahyna overcame her feelings of shame and isolation, tips for partners, and how as a society we can better support and approach this important topic.


Whether you have experienced baby loss or want to support someone who has, we hope this conversation will comfort, educate and inspire you.


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Links and resources

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