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Breaking the Silence Around Baby Loss with Priyanka Saha

Priyanka Saha, founder of the Lily Calvert Foundation and mum to Lily and Jasper, shares her incredibly brave story of being faced with every mother’s worst nightmare, losing her lovely baby daughter Lily at 10 and a half months old due to an incurable brain condition known as Miller-Dieker syndrome.

She shares how she came to find out about Lily’s diagnosis in the late stages of her pregnancy and how she and her husband coped with parenting their terminally ill child.

Priyanka talks us through how she embraced the new version of herself after dealing with the unimaginable loss of her baby girl, and shares her advice for those who have experienced a similar situation, as well as helpful tips for those supporting someone who has lost a child.


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The New York Times: Notes from a Dragon Mum by Emily Rapp: