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Boundaries in Grief, Self Love & Manifesting with Allira Potter

Our conversation with manifesting coach and body positivity queen, Allira Potter, will inspire how you think about self-love and boundary setting in grief. No stranger to loss, Allira shares how losing her mum at 17 and hitting rock bottom set her on the path to where she is now. She shares how to tap into your spiritual side and utilise the power of manifesting to help you get through tough times.

We also talk about:

✨  The difference between intuition and anxious thoughts

✨  How shadow work can help to connect with yourself

✨  What manifesting is and how it can help us during tough times

✨  Why self-love is important

✨  Setting boundaries and saying no

✨  The minor changes that can create more space for the things that you love 

✨  And our favourite topic…asking for signs

We learned a lot in this conversation and we hope you take something valuable away from it, too. 

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