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BONUS: Sibling Loss Special – Part One

Have you lost a sibling but feel like a “forgotten mourner?” You are not alone. Welcome to part one of our bonus sibling loss special. Even though we share life-long and amazing bonds with our brothers and sisters, the grief of siblings is often under-acknowledged. We share the experiences and perspectives of our community on sibling loss and how it’s impacted them, misconceptions plus advice and tips on how to cope if you are grieving the loss of a sibling. 

Stay tuned for part two where we take a look at the change in family dynamics, feeling like you have to remain “strong” for your parents, and more…


Amazing Instagram accounts for sibling loss:

Grief Kid’s advice on to say if you’re asked about having a sibling

Sibling Grief Club’s website and YouTube channel have lots of incredible resources.

Surviving the Death of a Sibling: Living Through Grief when an Adult Brother or Sister Dies by T.J. Wray. 

Tell Me the Truth About Loss by Niamh Fitzpatrick

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