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All Things Widowhood and Love After Loss with Nikki Shah and Nick Kelly

In today’s episode, we are exploring all things widowhood and what it’s like to find love again after losing your significant other. Our guests Nikki Shah and Nick Kelly met and fell in love after both being widowed years apart, and they joined us to candidly share their experiences.

Nikki’s partner, Mike, died from cancer in January 2018. Nick’s wife, Nicole, died in January 2020 from a rare form of cancer, leaving Nick to be a single parent with their young son, Xander. As well as sharing their personal experiences with grief, we cover so many elements including what it’s like to date again, managing the opinions of others, and introducing children to new partners.

We discuss: 

  • Dating again after a loss and deciding when it’s the right time
  • How to deal with the question “isn’t it too soon?”
  • Coping with feelings of guilt
  • Managing other people’s expectations 
  • How to support someone who is looking to date again after loss
  • What to say to support someone recently widowed (and what not to say)

This was such an informative and eye-opening conversation. We hope it provides an insight or interesting perspective, whether you are looking for love or supporting a parent, friend, or family member who is widowed.


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