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Grief education made fun.

Need inspiring speakers for an event? Keen to equip your team with grief support tools? Looking for authentic content to educate your audience?

Honest conversations that ignite change.

Grief is a life-changing and universal experience. Despite this, society isn’t grief-literate. From schools to workplaces, if grief isn’t acknowledged, it can lead to isolation, lack of motivation, poor performance and, in some cases, mental ill health.

We educate, support and normalise talking about grief, whether that’s in workplaces, schools, communities or for brands, to positively bridge the gap between the personal and the professional. Through our engaging, down-to-earth, conversational approach, we help individuals and companies become better equipped to deal with one of life’s biggest challenges.

Our aim is to empower, educate and inspire people with proven tools and strategies to be more grief-literate, so we can be better at supporting ourselves and each other.

We deliver educational workshops and motivational talks on grief support, resilience, mental wellbeing and self-care for conferences, festivals, internal training and community events. Whether you’re a business, organisation or a small team, we can work with you to create bespoke sessions to meet your needs. Together, let’s make an impact.

Together, let's make an impact

Keynote Speaking

Looking for engaging speakers to elevate your event? Look no further. We blend authenticity and expertise to create an interactive and engaging experience that inspires, empowers, and educates.

Workshops and Training

We deliver engaging educational training and workshops for businesses, schools and communities. We’re available for events in person and online.

Brand Partnerships

Got a brand campaign or initiative? We work with brands and organisations on partnerships and marketing campaigns that help bring your cause to life through our unique lens.

Brands and organisations we've worked with

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We’re regularly invited to collaborate with brands and talk at conferences, workshops and events on grief, resilience, mental health and self-care. We’d love to hear from you.