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Want to be a good grief friend?

Do this one thing.

People who haven’t experienced loss are under the assumption that talking about the person who died, or even saying their name will upset us or remind us that they’re dead.

It’s quite the opposite, don’t you agree? It’s healthy to want to talk about your person. It’s normal. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

We love it when people talk about our mums and ask questions about them, it means everything to us, and most importantly it keeps their memory alive. There have been so many occasions when, on the tough days, sharing a story about our mums has given us a lift. It’s a way to feel like they are close by.

Of course, it’s different for us all and not everyone will feel strength from talking about their person, but one thing is for sure – pretending that the person who died didn’t exist does not help and can feel incredibly isolating. It’s healing to hear their name, to want to share a story about them, because they are very much alive in our hearts and minds, aren’t they?

Just because their physical presence on earth is over, their impact on our life is not.

If you want to know more about how to support someone coping with loss, we bust all the grief myths and much more in our book, Good Mourning: Honest Conversations About Grief and Loss (grab a copy here).

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