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Grief and loss affirmation cards


The Good Mourning affirmation cards for grief and loss is a limited-run 35-card deck designed to support those experiencing loss.

Whether they are a pick-me-up for yourself or a pressie for someone coping with loss, these cards will provide a little extra comfort on a griefy day.

The deck is beautifully illustrated by long-time Good Mourning listener, Tilly, and inspired by our community.

How do they work? Simply shuffle the deck and allow your intuition to guide you to your affirmation card for the day.

Each pack has been printed in Australia, using the best quality materials.

34 x Cards with original illustrations
1 x Introduction card
1 x Box
Printed on 400GSM with a luxurious matte finish

***Please note: We are currently on leave and taking pre-orders. All orders will be shipped by Fri 12 July 2024***