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The Afterlife with David The Medium

The day is here! We are pumped to bring you our conversation with one of Australia’s most highly rated psychic clairvoyant and spiritual mediums, David The Medium. As a psychic medium, he has the ability to connect with spirits in the afterlife, and is able to receive messages and provide incredible comfort for people grieving the loss of a loved one.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about how David became a psychic medium, his beliefs about what happens when we cross over, receiving signs from our loved ones, and how we can nurture our own psychic abilities.

We were both incredibly lucky enough to have a session with David shortly after the recording, and in the intro, we debrief on our own personal readings, which were nothing short of mindblowing!

We also put the question out to our Good Mourning community about what you would like us to ask David in our interview, so tune in to find out if your question was answered! 

Whether you’re a sceptic or a fully fledged member of the psychic medium fan club, this conversation is enlightening and uplifting. 

Prepare to feel inspired by this magical man.

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Connect with David on social media and don’t forget to keep an eye out for his next appointment round in late July 2021.

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If you want to learn more about receiving signs, we highly recommend one of our favourite books by Laura Lynn Jackson: Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynn Jackson

Here is the link to our panel discussussion at this year’s Vivid Sydney. Tickets go on sale on the 2nd of June, so stay tuned!