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The Good Mourning Membership

Not your average grief support group.

A community for connection, friendship and empowerment.

Grief is lonely.

So together, we’re going to make it easier, through peer support, friendship and connection.

Discover what it’s like to feel uplifted and truly supported in your grief, with a judgement-free and compassionate community of like-minded grievers, where everyone ‘gets it’.

Say goodbye to feeling misunderstood and alone, and hello to the Good Mourning membership. Your path to better grief support starts here.

Are you...

Then the Good Mourning membership is for you.

"It's hard to put into words, the shift that I feel inside my recovery journey after joining this beautiful group. It has been the key to unlocking a whole new part of my experience."

– Alex, TLC Community Member

The Support Club for Grievers

Brought to you by Sal and Im, the creators of the top global podcast Good Mourning, authors of Good Mourning: Honest conversations about grief and loss.

Hello friend,

Often, even when surrounded by family and friends with the best intentions, it can still feel lonely. Can you relate?

We’ve been there – loneliness was why we met at a support group. We can say, hands down, that our friendship has been the most transformative thing in our grief journey. We know firsthand how healing a connection with others is when coping with grief.

There is nothing more powerful than sharing your grief with someone who understands what you are going through.

And now we’d like to extend that experience to you.

We often hear how they want to find the ‘Sal to their Im’ – aka a friend who really and truly ‘gets’ grief. That’s why we’ve created a peer support membership, so you can access more of the grief support that you love:

  • More supportive interactions with fellow grievers
  • More exclusive interaction with Sal and Im
  • More resources to help and inspire you
  • More opportunities to share and connect with a like-minded community

A grief support group like no other

A safe space to connect with other grievers

A place where your voice is heard

Access to grief resources that educate and empower

It’s our mission to help you feel less alone in your grief.

Say goodbye to Googling ‘grief support groups online’, ‘are grief stages real’ or ‘am I ever going to feel normal again?’ and say hello to the Good Mourning Membership. You’ll get to hang out with Sal and Im virtually, ask burning questions, and meet others going through a similar situation. Unlike other grief support meetings, there’s a number of ways you can connect with others, via video calls, our community forums or instant messaging.

Our virtual peer support group is a great option for those looking for authentic and supportive conversations with others who understand what they’re going through.

Whatever your situation and however long it’s been, there are people who understand. Discover what it’s like to learn and grow within a supportive community of others just like you.

Four ways joining will help you​

Access to community forums

Our member forums are safely moderated spaces where you can share thoughts, ask questions, and make friends with others going through a similar experience based on your type of loss.

A resource library

Our resource library includes articles, podcasts, and recommended books to help you along your grief journey.

Monthly virtual meetups

Facilitated by Sal and Im, monthly meet-ups are a place to talk with others and share your thoughts and experiences in a more intimate setting. Think of it like our podcast, but where you get the chance to own the mic!

Create a personal profile to connect

Members can create a personalised profile to share their stories, post updates, and create friendships with others through private messages.

In this membership we will..


our connections to others


our sense of community


a tribe of support that feels right to us

How it works

  1. Sign up and create a personal profile. Set your profile picture, write a short bio, and you’re ready to go!
  2. See live feed updates from community members, and share – this cloud be your thoughts, story, experience, advice or say hello. 
  3. Search our community forums by topic and find a conversation that interests you, or ask that burning question on your mind.
  4. Sign up for a virtual peer support meet-up with Sal and Im, and pop the date in your diary.
  5. Explore our resource library and feel inspired and encouraged.
  6. Chat via DM with fellow grievers, and take a step towards making a new friend.

Connection is the antidote to loneliness.

Please note: This is a peer support platform, not therapy. If you are struggling to cope, we always recommend that you seek professional support.